Please forgive us as we make a little adjustment to our site. Bob and I here, at Jamezelle & Johnson, have decided to modify our “Web priorities,” so to speak. While there will always be a definite slant towards the modern stringed instruments of today, and while we will continue to offer our mentoring of young students, it just seems there are already more than enough guitar instruction sites on the net. So we will instead, move towards those elements of music that emphasize the fun side of the art, and therefore, we hereby declare: “Screw the serious side! Let’s have some fun.” Please understand, we are young, as web sites go, so we are learning daily. If a page seems incomplete to you, it probably is. If you checked the site out at its inception, you are in for a few surprises. Until we get the site fully fleshed out, we will be publishing daily. At that time we will announce a more structured publishing schedule. Watch, enjoy, and grow with us. Explore the Diversity of Invention.



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